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    Trakalarm is re-launching a crowdfunding campaign on ReadyFundGo, an Australian platform to raise funding for our initial production, tooling, and manufacture. Once manufactured and shipped to our Amazon stores, we will initially release the product in North America, Australia, New Zealand and India. Roll-out to other major markets in Europe, South America and Asia will follow.

    We will be announcing details of this campaign on 27/10/2021, and early adopters will be able to secure amazing deals on our devices and also know that they have played an important role in Trakalarm’s success.

    The Trakalarm bracelet’s 4 functions are easily activated by a touch screen. A piercing alarm alerts people in your vicinity; your chosen contacts receive the following on their mobile phone – your location as a google map, a pre-set text message, and photos or audio and video. An extra feature that is available if needed is the ability to remotely monitor and activate a bracelets functions from your phone. This function provides an extra level of security for those with young children or with relatives who suffer from dementia or Alzheimers disease.

    Unlike any other device, this bracelet can save your life. It offers confidence and protection in many situations where you may be vulnerable.