Drew Garson Bio

Founder and Director

Drew Garson

Drew has a range of experience and skills that he brings to Trakalarm. With 10 + years of hospitality management, he has successfully built professional teams around him in a variety of venues. These include hotels and licensed clubs in Australia and New Zealand, and he always looked to put high performing key personal into strategic positions to drive the performance of the venues higher. Drew’s understanding of the importance of this facet of business management is reflected in the team of software development, marketing, administration and sales professionals that has been put together to manage and guide Trakalarm.

Working as a high achieving salesperson with a large Queensland Land Developer, Drew used his sales skills and networking skills to create an ongoing sales funnel for his business. Recognising the need to build strong and lasting business relationships that are beneficial to all concerned was the cornerstone of his success, and this is reflected in several top performing salesman awards with QM Properties.

Leaving this position to set up his own plan drafting business, Drew used these same attributes to find builders who required drafting services. This business is still a side line for him to this day. Communication, a little lateral thinking and the ability to turn a concept into a reality by recognising the right people to create the team that is needed to bring life to a project are all part of Drew’s management style.

Along the way, Drew has certificates in Workplace Training and Assessment, Business Principles, Management and Sales.