Living in Malaysia, I would say that it is rather safe compared to the stories I’ve heard from people of different nations. But that being said, it doesn’t mean that I should take my safety for granted. I love going out for an evening walk. But whenever I do, my mum would get worried no matter how many times I’ve returned home safe. I can hear her sighing in relief as she sees me walking back through the front door.

“Don’t forget to carry your stick when you go out for a walk/run.”

That is what I would hear every single day when I told her I’m heading out for my run. To be honest, I never brought a stick with me, but what my mum doesn’t know wouldn’t hurt her. I mean It’s such a hassle carrying something bulky on a run. It just disrupts the whole experience. But whenever I bring that up to my mum, she will reply with

“Do you want to die? What about your safety?”

Well recently, I found a new device called Trakalarm. This device tracks me every step of the way. In case of an emergency, it would send my exact location to my registered emergency contacts. This device is voice activated and it is one of its kind in the market so far. One of the coolest features is that it will start clicking images of my surroundings as I move around. Once activated, it would emit a loud ear-splitting alarm to alert the road users around me . It is like a call for help without me actually screaming.

Now, don’t think my mum is not bothered anymore, she still sighs in relief. But now, instead of being relieved to see me home, she is relieved that I am leaving home with the Trakalarm safely nestled against my wrist. She can finally have more peace of mind and less pre-running nags.