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Julie Allen Bio

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Administration Manager
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 Julie Allen



Julie commenced her career working in administration role for an Accountants office and an export shipping company before immigrating from Auckland, NZ to Australia at age 18.

Arriving in Sydney, Julie commenced a role as a receptionist and in telecommunications department for Hanimex, a Photographic Equipment & Supplies company.

Julie moved to North Queensland in 1987, where she had a family, and then became a family daycare provider and educator in her home for six years, while her children went to school, before officially commencing a new career in education.  She worked as a teacher’s aide in the Inclusion unit at Cairns State High School.

In recent years, Julie has devoted her time to helping vulnerable people in her local community, in her role as a disability support worker.

Julie’s vast experience with people, and her exceptional skills working in various roles in an office, will enable her to lead the team administration and financial teams at Trakalarm’s head office In Queensland, Australia.