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Stephen Jenkins Biography

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Director, former Police Officer
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Steve Jenkins



Steve Jenkins has a diverse and distinguished  35-year policing career working with the Queensland Police Service. He also has experience in other roles with the New South Wales Police force, NSW Department of Planning and Environment and Department of Defence. He has specialised in public safety, criminal investigations as a detective and worked in search and rescue operations, forensics crash investigations and disaster management.  

He has extensive leadership and management experience as an officer-in-charge of police stations and criminal investigation branch sections, operational supervision and management, as well as performing district inspector functions for over 200 personnel attached to over 20 stations / sections.

Stephens experience is complemented by a vast array of formal qualifications, including Masters degrees in Emergency and Disaster Management, Business Administration, Police Management, Project Management, Technology (Risk) Management, Community Development (Emergency Management). He also holds Graduate Diploma’s in Business Research and Disaster Management and a Bachelor of Social Science in Emergency Management. He also has five Diploma level qualifications in Justice Administration, Business Management, Search and Rescue Coordination, Public Safety (Policing) and Sustainability.

Currently, Stephen works as a volunteer Firefighter (Captain) with the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, and is a Councillor for the Bellingen Shire Council, on the NSW mid-north Coast.

Throughout his vast career, Stephen has developed many professional associations and memberships including being the current National President of the Australasian Institute of Emergency Services and the Institute’s representative on an Australian Government forum the Australian Emergency Management and Volunteers Forum.

Stephen has received numerous awards and medals throughout his distinguished career including the National Emergency Medal, National Police Service Medal, National Medal, and Queensland Police Service Medal. He has also received plaques and letters of appreciation from the Australian Federal Police, Australian Customs Service, and others.

Stephen’s quality and integrity as a former police officer and emergency and disaster specialist, enables him to be the perfect spokesperson for Trakalarm, giving his invaluable advice on safety and why he is so passionate about this ground-breaking new wearable device.