You ever walk at night and just feel uneasy? I do four nights a week when I walk home from work. My worksite isn’t exactly in the greatest of places, always getting dodgy customers around my service station. The walk home is only twenty minutes, but that time stretches on when I know someone is walking behind me.

It’s that feeling of dread and uncertainty that makes night walks seem unsafe. Neary 100% of the time, that person following me is just like me, another night bound wanderer, probably feeling the same uneasiness.

I’m a 6’2″ bloke, I get told all the time that nothing will happen to me. But simply being big, and a male, doesn’t stop the paranoia. Being what I am won’t stop a surprise kidnapping, mugging or assault.

Feeling safe is something we should all be on board with. The societal issues regarding those perpetrators is systemic and may never go away, but we can all feel safer today.

The Trakalarm incorporates a fashionable design so that it fits the style and look of a smart watch, so would be assailants won’t expect anything. With a simple press of a button on the side of my Trakalarm, a loud, piercing siren is raised, alerting others nearby, and intimidating the offender. Then my GPS location, as well as a live feed visual and audio, is transmitted to police and my family and close friends.