Why Trakalarm

A Trakalarm Bracelet Is The Best Way To Document Your Attacker and Notify Authorities

Unsuccessfully fumbling for your phone and being left helpless during a violent attack is now an issue of the past, thanks to the innovative design of Trakalarm. The Trakalarm bracelet features proprietry technology with functionality that sends information to personally selected pre-set mobile phone contacts. One touch of a button instantly activates the alarm, and the information from our 13 megapixel camera, GPS location, and SOS texting via a private SIM card are simultaneously sent to all contacts loaded into the device. Trakalarm is the best way to document an attack while simultaneously calling for help.

After the violent death of a young woman on a Far North Queensland beach in 2018, the idea for Trakalarm was born and the journey began. Over the following years, a team of dedicated people, all professional in their respective fields, has been put together. Our design team developed our own software that allows Trakalarm to activate an alarm and instantaneously transmit location and photos or videos and audio to mobile phone, and this has been tested across global communications networks successfully many times. Trakalarm offers all users a heightened level of security and safety in an increasingly turbulent world.

Unlike any other device, this bracelet can save your life. It offers confidence and protection in many situations where you may be vulnerable.

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