Why Trakalarm™?

The Problem

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, a pressing issue has emerged: the urgent need to revolutionize safety and security within our communities. The alarming surge in random violent personal assaults, some with fatal consequences, coupled with distressing incidents of rape, robbery, and home invasions, has ignited a demand for innovative solutions that can transform lives and restore peace of mind. The current climate paints a vivid picture of fear gripping the hearts of individuals as they navigate their own neighbourhoods. The safety of loved ones hangs in the balance, forcing us to confront the harsh reality that our streets are no longer the sanctuaries they once were. It’s a critical moment, where bold initiatives can reshape the trajectory of our communities and alleviate the pervasive sense of vulnerability that has taken hold.

The Solution

Imagine a world where personal safety is not just a luxury, but a seamless reality. The Trakalarm™ Smartwatch has shattered the boundaries of innovation, elevating the concept of a Smartwatch to unprecedented heights. This isn’t just a watch; it’s your guardian, your lifeline, and your ultimate source of empowerment.

Beyond the bells and whistles of typical smartwatches, the Trakalarm™ Smartwatch integrates cutting-edge technology with our proprietary software, delivering an unparalleled level of protection. With a single button touch, you wield the power to activate a distress alarm that instantly transmits your precise location, audio recordings, high-resolution photos, and even live videos to your chosen contacts. In today’s world, threats can emerge suddenly and violently. No more fumbling for your phone in moments of crisis, desperately trying to capture evidence. In situations where danger lurks and an attack is imminent, time is a luxury you can’t afford. Trakalarm™ steps in as your lifeline, providing seamless and immediate assistance.

The Alarm, GPS, Instant Messaging and Live Audio and Video functions are simultaneously and immediately activated with a single button press.


Instant Messaging

Need to alert your loved ones about your situation quickly? Our smartwatch allows you to send messages to all your contacts simultaneously, keeping them informed and connected when it matters most.

Water Resistant

To IP 67


Rechargeable lithium polymer 710mAh

Key Features

Proprietary Software

Trakalarm’s™ smartwatch boasts proprietary software that elevates it above any other on the market. We’ve harnessed the power of technology to bring a range of unique safety functions to your wrist

Emergency Contacts

With Trakalarm™, you can set multiple emergency contacts. This means that in your time of need you are never alone. We believe that personal safety is a community effort, and our smartwatch facilitates this.

Loud Alarm

In times of emergency, every second counts. Our smartwatch includes a powerful built-in alarm that can be activated with a single touch. It’s loud enough to grab attention and deter potential threats.

GPS Functionality

Our smartwatch boasts GPS capabilities, sending location data by Google Maps in line with current mapping functionality to ensure help reaches you swiftly when it matters most.

Live Audio and Video

The most remarkable feature of our smartwatch is its integrated video camera, With one touch it can stream live audio and video to all of your emergency contacts, providing them with real-time information about your situation. And the best part? You don’t need your smartphone for this feature to work.

Key Benefits

Instant Safety

With a single button press, users can activate a distress alarm that alerts people they are in trouble and instantly shares their precise location, audio recordings, high-resolution photos and live videos with their chosen contacts, ensuring immediate assistance in times of danger.


In critical situations the smartwatch eliminates the need to fumble for a phone to capture evidence or call for help, saving precious time when it matters most.

Comprehensive Protection

Trakalarm™ goes beyond typical smartwatches, providing an unprecedented level of personal protection, making it a lifeline and a guardian for the wearer.

Remote Access

For families with young children or loved ones with disabilities, our remote access option is a game changer, allowing you to activate the wearers smartwatch GPS and audio/video functions from your smartphone back to your smartphone, allowing you to initiate contact whether the watch wearer is a world away or right beside you.

Very User Friendly

Stand Alone Device- no smartphone needed.

In summary, the Trakalarm™ Smartwatch ensures immediate and efficient assistance, comprehensive personal protection, and peace of mind for wearers and their families, making safety a seamless and accessible reality.

Why we need TrakAlarm

See for yourself. Quick video about why we need TrakAlarm

Trakalarm™ is very user friendly and has evolved from the initial concept as a safety bracelet to the current Trakalarm™ Smartwatch with the world’s best personal protection capabilities.

With the unique ability to stream live audio & video to multiple stored contacts, Trakalarm™ could realistically be seen to occupy a new niche market with no direct competitors.

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